The Only Crypto Backed By A Social Network!

The Waifer protocol is the worlds first community driven, Defi Token backed by its own social media platform. Every transaction has three simple functions that occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn!

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Social Media Platform

The Waifer is powered by the RedWaif social media platform. RedWaif is a social media site designed to help institute mass adoption of crypto through the social media phenomena and ease of use. Join RedWaif today!

RFI Static Rewards

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of Waifer grow indefinitely.

Software Development Company

Waifer Coin was created by Waifer Widgets to help create a self-sustaining crypto ecosystem where people of all walks of life can participate. Waifer Widgets develops software to help facilitate the adoption of crypto.

Automatic LP

Every trade contributes towards automatically generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges.

Use Case

Most cryptos are built on hype and memes. Waifer is all about substance and usage! Waifer is uniquely positioned to be around long term through its various products, services and partnerships. We strive to create as much utility as possible to ensure a long lasting and productive future.

Concrete Security

Backed with the most bad ass security in place that keep privacy in mind, you can rest assured going to be knowing your data and investments are safe and sound!

What is the Waifer?

The Waifer is the official cryptocurrency of the social media platform Red Waif. The Waifer is a BEP-20 smart contact token that runs on the BSC Network and utilizes a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. This token and others can be used on Red Waif to make everyday purchases. This project hopes to create an entire ecosystem, where crypto can be used freely.

  • Low Fees!
  • Political Neutrality
  • Privacy Protected
  • Open Market Place
  • Ease of Use
  • Crypto Backed and Driven
  • Valid Use Case
  • Strong Community
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More Than Just A Coin

Waifer and its parent company Waifer Widgets bring more than just the token to the table. With the full support of a software company, Waifer is uniquely positioned to push for mass adoption through various products and services.

We are dedicated to creating a place that embraces crypto and helps push the technology forward.

Introducing The Redwaif Social Network!

Many users are dissatisfied with how major social media platforms are dealing with the challenges of misinformation, as well as censorship, privacy, political neutrality, user control, and malicious activity. Redwaif solves this problem by.

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Redwaif Developer API

The Waifer project encourages developers to add to the RedWaif platform. Like Facebook, our developer APIs allow you to connect to our store and app store we offer. If you would like your applications to be added to the platform to allow ease of access follow the directions below.

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  • Tokenomics

    The Waifer is designed to be a deflationary token. Upon every transaction there is a 10% fee. Holders will receive a reward from the fee for holding long term while the coin becomes more scarce.

  • Reflection

    Every transaction will generate a 5% reflection to the holders wallet for as long as they are holders. This will encourage transactions to increase over time through the Waifer ecosystem.

  • Liquidity Acquisition

    5% of every transaction is put in to the liquidity pool to help ensure there is a constant flow. As we grow our network we will be able compound the LP.

Waifer ADA Widget

Waifer ADA Widget exists to serve usable accessibility tools that make web navigation easier for persons with various disabilities, and to make all digital property accessible for all persons. Our platform meets or exceeds WCAG 2.1 and W3C unified language that addresses online and digital accessibility across various platforms. We are striving to make many forms of digital storage and operating platforms accessible for all in any industry and infrastructure, whether public or private.

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Customers Love Our Products

See what our clients are saying!

Waifer ADA Widget helped my clients access our site and services. This not only increased our revenue but also brought us in to compliance! Thanks Waifer!


I was sent a letter by an attorney stating I was not compliant with current ADA standards. I panicked and didn’t know what to do, until i came across the Waifer ADA Widget. After reading the material and seeing the widget on their site, I decided to take a leap and buy it. Not only did my site become compliant but I was also able to get the lawsuit dismissed! Thank you guys so much for the help!


Our schoolboard has been working hard to make sure all students are able to learn! Tons of students have visual issues, and it is important to make sure they have access to everything possible to succeed. We went with the Waifer ADA Widget because it has so many options for our students. We are very happy that Waifer takes education and access seriously! Thank you all for donating this to our school!




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How Do I Buy Waifer?

Easy guide to buying Waifer

Trust Wallet is the best multi-coin wallet to store your favorite coins and tokens from Ethereum to BSC Download Trust Wallet here

Binance Coin (BNB) is a cryptocurrency that can be used to trade and pay fees on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. … BNB can also be exchanged or traded for other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

Just open your BNB coin on Trust Wallet click “MORE” on the right hand side next you will click “Swap to Smart Chain”

1. Open Trust Wallet and tap the DApps button on the bottom of the screen. 2. Scroll down to “Popular” and tap on “PancakeSwap”

Enter the following contract address within Pancake Swap. 0xea3d8c4fa272a81ed2a18dff43a98cebd3847c02 click button to import.

Slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the executed price of that trade. Once you set slippage you cancomplete your purchase.

Enter the amount of Waifer you would like to purchase and click complete! Congrats you are now a Waifer holder

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