Waifer Coin

White Paper v1

A white paper, also written as ``whitepaper``, is an informational document usually issued by a company or not-for-profit organization to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product, or service that it offers or plans to offer.


When RedWaif.com was brought into existence it was with the purpose of creating a social media platform that integrated completely into the crypto verse.

As we discovered it is incredibly difficult to not only use your various digital currencies but even harder to find a vendor that is willing to take it. Once we realized there was no solution, we began to build what is now the Waifer.

A Coin Like No Other

The Waifer gets its look and name from the term Waif. A waif has many meanings but one that we refer to the most is any survivor of a shipwreck that makes it to land.

Most would compare what is going on in the financial markets as a storm of its own where most found refuge in crypto, and all have the same problem. How and where can I spend it? Red Waif and the Waifer hope to solve this issue by creating a truly a decentralized crypto marketplace.

Waifer was created to be a deflationary BEP-20 smart contact token that runs on the BSC called Proof of Staked Authority (or PoSA), where participants stake BNB to become validators.

BSC was the wise choice as fees are incredibly low and manageable especially during early development as well as adoption.

Token Capabilities

The demand for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) keeps growing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The blockchain’s speed and low transaction fees make it incredibly attractive for both users and developers alike.

NFTs are virtual items created on a blockchain—often used to certify unique ownership of a digital asset that could be anything from art, music, games, to sports trading cards etc.

The only problem is gaining access and understanding the NFT world enough to create, build and sell these amazing items. As a part of the RedWaif.com platform users will be able to use the Waifer to build NFTs of a wide variety and will be available for purchase or trade either on our platform or elsewhere. We want our users to have complete control of their creation and will do everything possible to ensure this.

The marketplace of RedWaif.com gives the NFT an entirely new audience of creators from musicians to architects to works of art, the RedWaif platform can simplify the process. We will become an access point for the common person to be able to help contribute to the crypto verse, thus making the world of crypto become even more mainstream.


We have built a token that will reward you for holding it, without having to manually stake it.

Just sit back, relax, and watch your Waifers automatically increase!

Each transaction triggers a 10% fee, where 5% is redistributed to all the current holders, in proportion to their current holdings. 5% is sent to the Liquidity Pool.

Diamond hands shall be rewarded!

Burn function is built into the reflection mechanism allowing burns on every transaction, making it more scarce over time.

This inversely-proportional relationship constitutes a supply and demand model.

There is also no limit as to how many tokens can be burnt.


We have an active, non-anon team on all our socials (currently Discord and Telegram – to join, check the links section on our website).

We feel this is incredibly important considering how many projects get abandoned by the developers. 

We truly want to try and make this project succeed along with the community.

That’s why we promise to be active on all current socials, to answer any questions you may have and to enforce a strong community spirit!

There is a team wallet that will be used for any costs associated with the project, for example; marketing, dev costs, exchange listing costs etc.

Everyone has the ability to see the transactions of this wallet as it is in the public domain, furthermore, we will let everyone know of any large transactions that are to be withdrawn from this wallet


RedWaif.com and the Waifer have a unique advantage that others do not have and that is our own social media platform and marketplace. We will create an entire crypto ecosystem with the users of Red Waif where they will be able to use the crypto, they hold in real world peer-to-peer transactions for everything and anything on the RedWaif.com platform. As we grow, we will reach new creators that will use the Waifer to facilitate one of the largest peer-to-peer NFT marketplaces and will give access to millions of people who are new to the world of crypto to easily integrate with our ecosystem.